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Why did we cancel our crowdfunding campaign?

On January 3rd we launched Nestheads crowdfunding campaign after spending two years carefully designing the game to be inclusive for all players. Initially, the campaign was going well, with donations nearing $20,000.

A well-intentioned individual brought to our attention that using a dreamcatcher as a fishing lure in the game was offensive. Despite passing through multiple rounds of review, all parties didn't the offensive content and we were frankly blindsided by the oversight.

Because we didn't understand the core of the issue at the time we struggled to find the right way to respond. This, while we were scrambling to update all of the art, and caused further upset amongst those the art offended.

The dreamcatcher was everywhere on the campaign page and in the video. Eventually, we made the difficult decision to cancel the campaign, take the time to update the art and re-evaluate our approach.

While this was a challenging experience, we are grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow. We are now more committed than ever to staying true to the core mission of Nestheads.

We believe Nestheads is an important tool which is why we decided to make a base version of it free for all.

Thank you all for your continued support, this dream will not become a reality without you!