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Who is the Main Character?

You. The main character is you. The whole point of the game is to play yourself. This little, colorless creature represents the manifestation of your pure intention. It’s the embodiment of your decision to take responsibility for your own mind.

We call it Will, which is short for Will Power.

What's the main storyline?

Something’s just not quite right upstairs. The story begins when your weary Conscience finally manages to get your attention and look inward. Your conscience tells you that your mind is out of control and under the tyrannical rule of the Mayor, the personification of your dark side.

You must undertake a dangerous election campaign in an effort to overthrow the Mayor and take your place as the rightful master of your own mind.

You need to save You from You. Get it?

What is Nestheads and what makes it different from other games?

The world you explore in Nestheads is your own brain. The main character is you. And the point of Nestheads is to take care of your mind and become a better person.

It's an open-world, adventure game based on psychology. For instance, the world map is based on the brain's real anatomy. The main in-game currency is glucose. Background NPCs will represent simple everyday thoughts. Quests are based on biases and heuristics we face in our everyday lives. There are mini-games throughout the game world based on things like how habits are made, gratitude, and overcoming negative thoughts.

Though it may sound educational, Nestheads is always a game first. It's about seamlessly integrating important psychological concepts with a fun and engaging game world. Nestheads is about making your mind a healthier and happier place without you even realizing it.


The world of Nestheads is 100% based on a real human brain. Your Hippocampus, Mesencephalon, and Angular Gyrus are all locations you can visit in game. If you don't know what these are, that's part of the point of Nestheads. There are 7 major zones: frontal lobe, parietal lobe, temporal lobe, occipital lobe, limbic system, brain stem, and subconscious.

Visit a paranoid kingdom made entirely of cardboard. Go to YouWorld, a theme park dedicated entirely to You, and visit your inner child. Solve mysteries in a graveyard haunted by your dreams. Help the overworked Librarian sort out the dusty old memories of your Hippocampus.

What is a Nesthead?

A nesthead is the game's main enemy. They are often an excessively negative thought, but really can be anything creating chaos upstairs, if you know what I mean. They try to "nest" in your "head" and spread things like fear and sadness. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Your job is to defeat them, collect their essence, and then let them go.

Hunt Nestheads

Finally you can take a longsword to all those negative thoughts that swarm and buzz about in your head. They might take the forms of extreme anxious, depressive, or impulsive energies. Teach them a lesson, collect their essence, and let them go.

Balance your head

In the bottom right of the screen, you'll notice you have a special compass. This is your Balance-O-Meter. It's a device designed to let you know how "balanced" a particular area may or may not be.

The more balanced an area the better the benefits the player receives. Vendors charge better prices. Enemies drop better loot. Experience rates go up. But, the more out of balance a zone gets the more bad things happen, like worse loot, stronger enemies, and NPCs that shun you.

Level different parts of your brain

As you play the game, Will gains experience and levels over time. At the same time Will gains experience, so does the region that Will is in. Each of the 7 major regions of the game have their own level. You need to raise the levels of your brain to raise your awareness. As the awareness of a zone increases, new content within that region is unlocked.

Meet and befriend fun characters

Your head is home to a wide variety of whimsical characters. Unlike most NPCs, these characters are representations of something much more old and meaningful, since they are based on the common elements of our psyches. You can build rapport with them the more you interact with them. The more they like you, the more likely they'll offer useful items, quests, or information in return.

Give thanks

Gratitude Boulders are large shrines dedicated to being grateful that you might bump in to throughout your head. Select prayers of gratitude from their mood board, and they'll reward you with a gift basket.

Prospect for Habits

To build habits, one needs the raw materials. Use your detonator to blast open habit veins to collect rich ores like Habitanium, Regimine, and Inveterite. Habit ore can be smelted into valuable objects that can be traded for rare items. Part of this system is unique from other crafting systems because it's based on consistency, like making real habits. So the player needs to mine and craft regularly to make these valuable habits.

Catch Dreams

Fame? Wealth? Acceptance? We all have dreams we'd like to catch. Well now we can. Dreams are picky and capricious things though. Equip the right rod, choose the right dream lure, find the right spot, and you can catch every single one of them.

Prune Your Beliefs

Growing throughout your mind, you’ll find “Beleafs”, small, 3-leafed plants that represent your beliefs. Care for your Beleafs so they’ll produce seeds filled with goodies. Some Beleafs are better than others, so curate them carefully to get the best loot possible.

Positivity Boost

The positivity boost is a super-special, exclusive Nestheads feature that is guaranteed to brighten your day. Simply press the associated hotkey and Will gives the player a thumbs up.